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How one can derive Minimum Allowable Pressurization Temperature for a typical reactor? What is the procedure to work-out maximum allowable heat-up and cool-down rates for hydrocracking/treating reactor vessels?
21/01/2014 A: Virendra Kapoor, Petroleum Refining Consultants, vkkapoor9@yahoo.com
I agree with Mr. Saleh Daryabari response on MPT The maximum heat rate is depend on various factors and is about 30 to 40 degree C.
08/01/2014 A: Saleh Daryabari, Senior Process Engineer of RCD and RFCC, Arak Refinery, daryabari@gmail.com
Minimum Pressurization Temperature (MPT) is depends on reactor metallurgy. You should ask reactor manufacturer for this information.
You can achieve maximum heat-up and cool-down rates by oil circulation and bypass some preheat exchanger.