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14/06/2017 Q: What is the latest UOP method of analyzing C5+ content for the Platforming product (Reformate)? (1)
16/02/2017 Q: We observed that our crude unit naphtha stabilizer column overhead water has become decolourized since few days. The colour is yellowish to brown. However, the main column overhead water is clear in colour as previously. Can anyone help me in identifying the possible causes for this? Some forming also has been observed while draining this water. Can overdosing of corrosion inhibitor (filming amine type) cause this issue?

Further info:
Thanks for valuable answers. The colour was observed while draining of the vessel boot. So, there is no much time to react with atmospheric oxygen. Is it any dissolved oxygen that react to give the colour? Also, I found some evidence of overdosing (almost double ) of the corrosion inhibitor for a short period of time. Once it was corrected the colour was improved. But, not sure whether it is due to that or due to anything else.
30/05/2017 Q: I have a general query related to hydrotreaters. I want to know what are the factors considered in designing push/pull system for feed surge drums. I saw some units operating with Fuel gas while some operate with Nitrogen as supply for blanketing. (3)
19/05/2017 Q: In VGO hydrotreater unit, cracked feed processed from coker unit which is mainly HCGO and HHCGO (Heavy Heavy coker gas oil). If HHCGO end point increased from 570 deg C to 600 degC, then how severe its impact on VGOHT operation and its catalyst performance? (7)
21/05/2017 Q: Why do we need to do catalyst wetting and exothermic during catalyst loading? (1)