Protecting Your Data

Protection of your data

Crambeth Allen Publishing Ltd, producer of PTQ and, is committed to a policy of transparency with you, our readers and viewers. In keeping with this spirit we’re happy to reassure you that:

1. We never sell any personal information we hold on you. Never have done. Never will do.

2. We never pass any personal information we hold on you to a third party without your explicit consent. We have added the requirement that, in addition to requiring your explicit consent, we also require a written assurance from any third parties that they are in full compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2016.

3. We only retain and use such data ourselves as a means of ensuring you continue to have access to, and receive (free of charge), information from us. Specifically, we may hold information to ensure you receive information of relevance to your particular interests. This makes sense to both of us: you aren’t bombarded with irrelevant material and we don’t spend time and effort potentially alienating you.

You can see all your registration information if you first log into your account and then click here for PTQ and here for Digital Refining. If you’re a EU resident, this and all other information related to your account that we hold can be obtained upon request from our Data Protection Officer:


If you leave the industry or for any other reason no longer wish to have access to any of the services we provide, you can write or email us at any time, quoting your password(s) and we’ll immediately expunge all information we hold on you. Bear in mind that it could be difficult reinstating you if you ever wished to gain access again to some or all of our services.

You'll appreciate that the exception to 2 above is if we are subjected to legal obligation to disclose such information. 






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