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How can I calculate Reforming Heat of reaction and reactor Delta T. From the catalytic reaction guideline I know that the Napthene dehydrogenetion heat of reaction -50 Kcal/mole. Now I want to calculate reactor delta T.
Additionally I know the reformer feed flow rate, feed detail hydrocarbon analysis, feed density, feed molecular weight
In practical operation, we have three reactor in series, 1st reactor delta T 117F, 2nd reactor delta T 48F and 3rd reactor delta T 16 F; Now I want to calculate this delta T in theoretically. How can I prove/calculate that this practical delta T as like theoretical?
11/05/2017 A: Virendra Kapoor, Petroleum Refining Consultants, vkkapoor9@yahoo.com
You may find number of articles for calculating delta t across each reactor. Correlations are also available since long depending on operating parameters, feed qualities & catalysts. There is a very good article published in Hydrocarbon Processing to predict the delta t accurately. If you wish I will search my documents for the article of reference. It was long back.
02/05/2017 A: Patrick Bullen, UOP, patrick.bullen@uop.com
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