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We are studying the feasibility to capture CO2 from our HMU ( Hydrogen manufacturing unit) reformer.
At the outlet of PSA 50-55% CO2 is available ina wate gas stream. Has anybody had experience of CO2 capture feasibility from waste gas stream?
25/11/2015 A: Jon Isley, Fluor, jon.isley@fluor.com
This is being done on the Shell Quest Project, located in Alberta, Canada. The project is designed to capture 1.2 MTPA CO2 from three separate HMUs at the Shell Scotford Upgrader. The CO2 is captured, compressed and sent down a pipeline for CO2 sequestration underground. The project started up this year (2015) and has is operating at capacity. The project was jointly funded by Shell and JV partners Chevron/Marathon, along with significant funding from both the Alberta and Canadian governments. Detailed information on this project is publicly available on the Government of Alberta website, from Shell Canada, or Fluor (EPC).