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Outlet naphtha stream from tower in catalytic reforming unit that inlet in convection furnace can't shut down during catalyst regeneration. How we can solve this problem with least changing and regenerate catalyst and shut down tower at the same time?
11/02/2008 A: Kamaljit Medhi, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, medhik@indianoil.in
We are also running a SR type of Reformer and carrying out catalyst regeneration over the years. We can surely help you if you send us the details.
However from your question, it is not clear how you can keep a tower in commission during catalyst regeneration as the very first step of catalyst regeneration is to remove any HC.
06/12/2007 A: Roger Haglund, Eprom, r_haglund44@hotmail.com
Assuming you aim to regenerate a semi-regen CRU you need the furnace for the regeneration. Find your convection section maximum tube temperature and your flue gas inlet temperature during regeneration. Keep in mind that flue gas temperature can be considerably different during regen compared to normal operating temperature due to lower WAIT and loads.
If you still find that you will exceed your MAWT for the tubes a steam flow can be established through the tubes. Many installations are equipped with blow-through steam that can be used for this purpose. A heat balance will tell you which steam flow is needed and also to be used by the operator during the regeneration.
18/09/2007 A: Amarjit Bakshi, Refining Hydrocarbon Technologies LLC, abakshi@rhtgulfcoast.com
As suggested earlier the questioner needs to provide some more information before one can answer the question with some confidence. The flowscheme would provide some more information, which will help to respond to the question.......
12/09/2007 A: Vladimir Gagic, Oil Refinery Pancevo, vladimir.gagic@rnp.co.yu
The question is a little unclear but it seems that your reboiler fired heater and reactor fired heater share common convection section.
If this is true, you cannot shoot down reboiler heater naphtha flow, because if there is no naphtha flow you have possibility of overheating and damaging reboiler heater’s tubes in convection section. ......