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Is there any nitrogen species that may be present in LVN but is not present in HVN? We are detecting high nitrogen content in LVN but not in HVN. Also, our sulfur content is low. Even though we may see nitrogen in HVN (poison to reactor), the endotherm of the reforming reactor is not affected. Are there nitrogen species that can be detected by NSX but is not readily available for breaking down/reaction?
18/03/2017 A: Ganesh Maturu, Self, maturu.ganesh@gmail.com
Check for any chemical injection which contains low molecular weight nitrogen species at the upstream of your unit.
15/03/2017 A: Morgan Rodwell, Fluor Canada Limited, morgan.rodwell@fluor.com
Depending on your sources of crude, strange things can be possible. I have seen one example where a cyclic nitrogen compound (pyridine) was found in a light naphtha stream. It was determined that this was due to an upstream chemical additive that had decomposed during heating.
But there are no "natural crudes" with nitrogen spikes in the light naphtha range.
14/03/2017 A: Mohan Shyam Pathak, UOP A Honeywell Company, mohanspathak@gmail.com
Generally speaking the nitrogen content increases as we go above in boiling point of the hydrocarbon stream.
If the current result is obtained using GC, the I recommend checking the GC measurement. The explanation provided by you indicate towards measurement related issue.