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In the off gases from our vacuum distillation column hydrogen % has been up to 30-35% by volume.This vacuum unit is mild severity dry distillation with designed VGO end point of 510 deg C.
The overhead boot water PH also remains on the lower side (~5) even though the neutraliser is added in large quantities (more than 100 ppm). The same neutraliser has used earlier for the same type of crudes.
Has anyone had this type of experience? What may be the reason for the same?
10/09/2007 A: Vladimir Gagic, Oil Refinery Pancevo, vladimir.gagic@rnp.co.yu
Hydrogen, normally, is not present in VDU off gas. The origin of hydrogen in your unit could be from some external source such as fuel gas. You should check if you have some instrument purge or other connection with fuel gas.......