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At our Stripper Column Overhead of Naphtha Hydro-treating Unit , we are injecting pure Chimec 1044 (from CHIMEC S.p.A)which is a blend of polymeric compound in heavy aromatic solvent @ Injection rate kg/hr : 0.02 kg/h of pure Chimec 1044 based on 10 wt. ppm chemical injection rate over the process rate.

Besides, Natural Gas Condensate (NGC) is used as a feed for Natural Gas Condensate Fractionation Distillation Coulmn (CFU) which is a by product from Natural Gas Plant having very low sulfur as well as salt. In fact, we are planning to blend 5% TG with high sulfur (from other crude oil refinery) together with the NGC for processing in CFU .
Can i use the same Corrosion Inhibitor (Chimec 1044) at the overhead of our (CFU)?