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IN our HCU Recycle Gas Compressor Turbine, make BHEL from one month Turbine Front & Rear journal bearing vibration suddenly increase from 15 micron to 80 micron for about 10 minutes and came back to normal during this period turbine bearing temperature also increase 3-9 degree centigrade. Please suggest the root cause. We do centrifuge of lube-oil once in 24 hors about 2-3 hours and lube oil also replace in december 2015.
04/11/2016 A: Sandesh Bhisekar, ADNOC REFINING, sandeshbhisekar@gmail.com
I feel that there is condensate in the steam for turbine which caused vibration high. In such case check the turbine casing drain steam traps properly working or not. If again happened first action is to open steam trap bypass to allow condensate to go in surface condenser.