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For Euro-III diesel why must we maintain density 820 to 845 Kg/cube metre? How will performance be affected if this value is not maintained?
16/12/2011 A: Sridhar Balakrishnan, Bharat Oman Refineries Limited , laksrid@yahoo.com
Euro III Diesel Density has to be maintained between 0.8200 and 0.8450 Kg/cube metre. If the diesel density goes lesser than 0.8200 Kg/cube metre the viscosity characteristics and flash point will be affected due to blending with lighter distillates. Density of Diesel goes above 0.8450 Kg/cube metre found to have significant increase in Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Dioxide emissions, also increase in Polyaromatic content, Carbon Residue precursors of Diesel fuel.
21/07/2009 A: Virendra Kapoor, Petroleum Refining Consultants, vkkapoor9@yahoo.com
You may get answers to all such questions in world wide fuel charter (oica.net/wp-content/uploads/.../wwfc-fourth-edition-sep-2006.pdf)