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In a sulfur recovery unit incinerator (where calus process in front end followed by CBA process), presently incinerator control temperature is 605 Deg C. Can I bring down to 550 DegC? What will be the consequences? What will be the ground level SO2 content?
17/03/2021 A: Pronab Mistry, ADNOC Gas Processing, pronab88@yahoo.com
Yes it is possible. But remember SOx as well as CO in the incinerator will increase and that should be allowed by your local government environment regulator board. However most incinerator temperatures maintain at 650degC or more.
20/02/2021 A: SATHISH PERUMAL, SATORP, sathcit@gmail.com
In my opinion, the incinerator temperature is mainly for incineration of tail gases so as to minimize the emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Your stack SOx is an important limiting factor (<250 ppm in most countries). Maximum destruction of BTEX requires around 600-650 degC and CO incineration requires even more ( >800 degC). However, it all depends on your incinerator inlet tail gas composition.
13/04/2011 A: Kurmarao Besi, Bpcl, bkrao_11@yahoo.com
If heat recovery boiler provided at downstream of incinerator means you should maintain the temperature in incinerator so that stack temperature can be maintaining.
If heat recovery facilities not available means you should maintain stack temperature so that there is no sulfur gas raining.