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What is lube oil supply temperature for any pump or compressor? Like feed pump, makeup gas and recycle gas compressor.
11/08/2010 A: Balasubramanian Iyer, Nexen CNOOC Limited, balasubramanian.n@aol.in
Generally we supply Lube Oil at about 40 Deg C to our rotary equipments and not facing any problem till now.
If supply is temperature is too high then the L.O may degrade and can be identified by its colour. then L.O of required Grade must be used for high temperature supply.
31/05/2009 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
You should consult the design and operating specifications for the particular equipment. The engineers designing the machinery at the factory in which it was made selected the desired lube oil supply and operating for good reason. Unless you know that reason and have a valid (and confirmed acceptable) reason to deviate from that recommendation, you should follow what the manufacturer recommends.

In some situations, lube oil is used to provide significant cooling for the equipment, and supply temperature is lower than otherwise preferable.
In other situations, the lube oil must be hot (220-230F) to prevent moisture or light hydrocarbon contamination from accumulating.
Generally, lube oils should not get hotter than about 250F for any prolonged period or heat related deterioration increases significantly. Synthetic base oils are somewhat more tolerant of elevated temperatures.