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What is the mechanism of aromatic saturation reaction in diesel hydrotreater reactor (i.e. step by step conversion from aromatic to paraffins)?
25/02/2009 A: Virendra Kapoor, Petroleum Refining Consultants, vkkapoor9@yahoo.com
Polyaromatics are saturated to monoaromatics step by step. For example diaromatics will be saturated to monoaromatics. Monoaromatics may be converted to naphthenes at intermediate pressure. Naphthenes rings may open to paraffin at high pressure over hydrocracking catalysts. Naphthene cracking over conventional HDS catalyst is really difficult to be realized.
16/02/2009 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
you should ask your catalyst vendor for their guess. It also depends on where the aromatic ring is in the molecule and what alkyl and other groups are present on the ring.
There IS a reason petroleum is characterized by 'psuedo-components.' You should also understand that saturating an aromatic does not make a paraffin. It makes a naphthene.