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Can we process FCC's Clarified oil (CLO) or Decant oil as feed to Hydro cracker? My question is that Unconverted oil from Hydro cracker is usually good feed to FCC, So I would like to know if we process FCC CLO in hydrocracker then how much of it will it to convert to Unconverted oil in Hydrocracker? We will use filters to reduce catalyst content in CLO so that hydro treater won't get affected.
28/09/2014 A: Sridhar Balakrishnan, Bharat Oman Refineries Limited , laksrid@yahoo.com
FCC Clarified Oil contains very high amount of aromatics and also the density is also very high. For processing it in Hydrocracker, hydrogen consumption can be increased.
25/09/2014 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
I would not recommend feeding CLO to a hydrocracker, even an ebulated bed or slurry.catalyst system. Even a very high pressure 'Resid Hydro-cracker' will suffer substantial catalyst deactivation. CLO is much better suited to a delayed coker or other thermal cracking (non catalytic) process.
CLO is a highly multi-cyclic aromatic liquid with very few 'side chains' that hydrocracking catalyst can convert. The CLO will almost certainly plug the pores in the catalyst, destroying its activity.