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I'm a process engineer at a CCR unit. Recently we have huge amount af gas formation because of extreme cracking, and RONC is 97 with total delta t equal to 218 deg c,WAIT=509, EDC IS 0.9 LIT/HR without water injection and our water content in platrecycle gas is out of service! I guess there is a chloride/water imbalance, but I want to reduce cracking reactions to increase RONC so can I have your recomendations please?
14/07/2012 A: Mohammad Hoseinpour, Baorco, m.hpour55@gmail.com
thank you for your response:
- PRG : 110 KNM3/Hr ,92% H2 C1:1.5% C3:2.6%
-total gas : 62 KNM3/Hr
-LPG :0
- DEC4 off gas : more than 800 NM3/Hr
-DEC4 gas to fuel gas : 1000NM3/Hr
-Cl on regen. cat : 1.15 wt%
-coke on spent cat. : 4%
-EDC only in regenerator ( 0.9 lit/hr)
-WAIT : 509.5 deg c
feed 240 M3/Hr
spgr of feed : 0.742
feed : IBP 84
FBP :170
N+2A app.=48 to 51
02/07/2012 A: Hubert Mueller, Bayernoil, guhumueller@web.de
Before you can get sound recommendations to cure your problems, you need to provide much more data about your unit.
Just a short list which data are essential:
-recyclegas rate and purity (better composition)
-gasproduction quantity
-LPG production quantity
-stabilizeroffgas quantity and composition
-chloride content on regenerated catalyst
-carboncontent on spent catalyst
-do you add EDC to the feed or only to the regenerator
-a simple prescription about your unit setup
-all quantities as wt%
-feed composition N+2A and destillation