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This is regarding selection of tank external floating roof to the fixed roof tank for LGO service.
Following criteria has been considered for the selection.
1. Capital cost 2. Maintenance cost 3. vapor loss 4. maximum aggregate capacity with in bund 5. Potential risk of loss of life.
Now as per above maintenance cost is coming higher in fixed roof tank than floating roof tank for painting.
How the painting cost for the fixed roof tank higher compare to floating roof tank? Since both tank will be similar size & capacity. FEED consultant has considered 2.1 million USD higher in fixed roof per 5 year considering 30 year operating life.
I want to know general practice for painting of petroleum storage tank.
12/01/2012 A: Bruce Carr, Suncor Inc, bcarr@suncor.com
Have you considered a geodesic dome roof with an internal floating roof.... they are made up of aluminum panels and never need painting (except for the shell). When first installed they tend to cause a bit of reflected glare but over time the aluminum oxidizes to a dull matte .. They are also weather proof preventing water from entering the tank.