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Is it possible to efficiently clean asphalt tank cars without excessive tank entry?
15/03/2009 A: Marcello Ferrara, ITW SrL, mferrara@itw.it
Yes. We have developed "non entry" cleaning methods for large crude/heavy oil tanks, as well as asphalt tanks in refinery applications.
11/03/2009 A: keith bowers, B and B Consulting, kebowers47@gmail.com
To what cleanliness standard?
A HP steam Buttersworth cleaning will melt and wash out most asphalts. May have to follow with hot solvent in the Buttersworth-recirculating solvent until it gets too dirty.
11/03/2009 A: Mike Watson, Tube Tech International Ltd, mike.watson@tubetech.com
Yes. Without question. Dimensions, images, isometrics, access points and deposit characteristics (in laymans terms) are required. We alone have over 12 different remote vessel cleaning technologies.