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In our system High co2 content reported in VDU off gas analysis i.e., nearly 10%v/v. VDU column operated at 70mmHG and off gas routed in heater without any trapping of H2S. What are possible reasons for high CO2 and O2 content in VDU off gas?
H2 % v/v 9.27
CO2 % v/v 9.61
C1 % v/v 33.04
C2 % v/v 15.00
C3 % v/v 17.44
C4+ % v/v 15.68
06/12/2013 A: Vishnu Ram A S, RIL, vishnu.selvaraj@ril.com
Leakage through flanges may be the probable reason for it. The leakages in the flanges will intrude air into the Vacuum system. As Oxygen is not evident and CO2 is 9.61%, you can suspect the lower portion of the vacuum column may be leaky. CO2 assures combustion inside the column. It is really dangerous and takes a call for identifying the leakage as soon as possible and attend it.