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Methanol content of Light Naphtha (<75) increased rapidly during processing. When I looked up the cause, I found that the oil produced in Eagle Ford of TX was high in methanol content. Methanol was expected to be removed in desalter, because it is polar solvent. However, the rate of elimination was 20 percent and very low than expected(in 2 stage Desalter).Why isn't methanol removed from Desalter? I would appreciate it if you could tell me the similar experience or literature.
14/01/2019 A: Lindsay McRae, Pall Corporation, Lindsay_McRae@pall.com
Presence of methanol makes the Interfacal Tension (IFT) much lower and hence the water/MeOh emulsion is likely more stable. Electrostatic desalter is not a high efficiency device and more stable emulsion where IFT <20 dynes/cmwould require longer residence time . High efficiency Liquid Liquid coalescer has been proven to remove free water and methanol to <20 ppmw from condensate or LPG.