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Sour water from the SRU quench column is routed to the sour water stripper normally.My doubt is whether this will go to the Phenolic Sour water Stripper or Non-phenolic sour water stripper? Request the professionals of SRU to clarify. Please also explain the reason if it is routed to the Phenolic Sour water stripper unit.
01/10/2019 A: Eric Vetters, ProCorr Consulting Services, ewvetters@yahoo.com
There shouldn't be any hydrocarbons that make it through the combustion chamber at the front end of the SRU, so there shouldn't be any phenols present in the sour water. H2S content of the water in the quench tower is normally very low since affinity of H2S in water is very low at quench tower pressure. Unless you have some Ammonia not being destroyed in the front end of the SRU, you should have very low levels of H2S in this stream, so you may not really need to send it to the SWS.
01/10/2019 A: ARUN RS, INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD, arunrskmr@gmail.com
It can routed to both phenolic or non phenolic sour water strippers...but it will be effective to non phenolic sws as it does not contain any phenolic content and it can be used as wash water for hydrotreating after stripping